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    Mobile Workforce

    Broadland Housing Group have made full use of our consultancy services on a channel shift programme for the repairs and maintenance functions of their business.

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    Digital Inclusion

    Digital by default is a great opportunity to transform a business. We can help you by taking your customers and employees on the change journey.

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    Knowledge Management

    Our software has won awards for its knowledge management capabilities. We understand the power of customer delight and it’s importance in decision making.

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Mobile Working for Repairs and Maintenance

When Broadland Housing Group brought the fulfilment of property repairs and maintenance in house, they needed to take a fresh look at systems required to manage this new part of the operation.

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Intelligent Scheduling

We wanted to achieve a one click approach to booking a repair into the digital calendar which automatically issued a comprehensive job sheet directly to the operative ultimately we wanted to make sure customers received timely visits by our operatives to deal with their problem.


The Solution

Reidmark met the brief head on with the introduction of the Reidmark Repairs Scheduler and Pocket Maintenance App. This hosted solution was fully embedded within their existing housing management system to bring a seamless flow of property, customer and employee data. Its subsequent application within the system processes made sure that the software identified the most appropriate operative based on a set of system rules around skill set, property and operative location and customer need.

Our additional solution was to introduce the Reidmark Pocket Maintenance App. An operative now receives their job sheets on the app with every detail they need to carry out the repair. Information on asbestos, customer vulnerabilities, quick links to maps, contact information, auto time sheet recording and full integration back to the CRM system – all at the touch of a finger.

The Result

  • We left no stone unturned to make sure that being digital by default was not just wishful thinking but a real change and improvement in the business model. The end result has been highly effective intelligent scheduling that is built on the sophisticated CRM capability and Fault Locator platforms. It has streamlined the customer experience and introduced a speedy allocation of works schedules for operatives.

  • ” Reidmark and their mobile application team have radically transformed the way we run our repairs and maintenance service. We now have over 50 operatives fully optimised with iPhones and iPads delivering our repairs and maintenance service across Norfolk and Suffolk. With the offline capability of the app we have also made sure that an operative is not hindered in poor reception areas and can use the app in a customers home to access and enter information. “


Seeing Business Through Digital Eyes

There are always pressures to do more for less and drive down the cost of delivering services.The concept of ’digital by default’ can feel like there is a mountain to climb. It is about rethinking and reshaping entire operations to get the most out of technology and digital services.


Shaping Business Transformation

As part of the executive leadership team at Broadland Housing Group we have led a radical review of conducting business using technology. Our blueprint for digital by default has given a whole new perspective of the advantages from doing more online.


The Solution

Michael Newey, CEO at BHG has always seen technology as a great enabler to running a successful business. He adopted RSLmanager, Reidmarks ebusiness housing system in 2003 and now 10 years on he is determined once again to make sure technology can proactively enhance the business. 

Broadland needed to offer more choice to their customers on how and when they accessed landlord services. There was also an opportunity to think how the already mobile RSLmanager system could be even better. We looked at each part of the business and applied a simple rule – can technology make the operation run better and as a result will customer delight increase? 

Several projects emerged that offered new online services to customers and new tools for the business. 



The Result

  • In 2015 a brand new version of the Tenants Online portal was released, offering even more online customer support services. It has placed the customer firmly in control with a whole range of self service features, including securely paying their rent online.

    The next project to emerge in the business will be the Frontline App, putting functionality in the hands of tenancy support and housing managers that will help them take care of the entire customer journey on their mobile devices.

  • It is exciting times at Broadland Housing Group in looking at what more can be done with the business and seeing the results on the running costs by looking at digital solutions.

    ” It is always pleasing to see how we can work smarter and find better ways of serving our customers. Anything we can do to drive down our costs within housing management is going to aid our ability to build new homes. “


Growing Customer Delight

Customer delight is the basis of existence for a business and the growth in customer service channels has further increased expectations for accurate and consistent answers across all channels. Customer experiences can be significantly enhanced through accurate, accessible and an easy to maintain knowledge base.



Preparing For Service Channel Complexity

Our ultimate vision for our clients is consolidated and consistent information on all service channels that will maintain trust in the brand, the company and will improve loyalty. An integrated, enterprise wide knowledge base to capture, store, retrieve and continually refine valuable business information  will provide right first time answers across all channels.

Enterprise Wide Knowledge Base

The erosion of confidence in information will result in damage to an organisations product and service, the brand and  ultimately the business. We can combat this with an end to end knowledge management strategy that will establish an enterprise wide governance structure.

From a comprehensive governance model will flow active leadership and clearly defined roles with targets that drive quality content. Leading a well defined knowledge management process with a complimentary technology platform will eliminate confusion over content ownership, often the principle barrier to opening up meaningful knowledge sharing.

The Result –  Delivering Customer Delight

  • Every business strives for improved efficiency and effectiveness. Enforcing a knowledge management program that drives employee behaviours to want to own and support the knowledge system will contribute towards a successful business. Employee knowledge, their skills and motivation combine to deliver customer delight. They are the custodians of customer satisfaction and they need to be part of an end to end knowledge management approach.

    Their ownership of quality information, in a central repository linked to feedback channels to maintain content relevance will keep the knowledge base fresh and customer relevant.

  • ” We have witnessed the dramatic effect our knowledge management improvements can bring to a business. The better the commitment to managed knowledge environments the greater the chances of reduced customer service costs. Optimising the customer experience will drive the growth of our clients business and that is how we like to measure our success. “