Pocket Landlord

  • product pocket copyThe mobile app for residential property rentals

    If you would like a viable alternative to storing essential tenancy data on a spreadsheet then Pocket Landlord is the answer. With Pocket Landlord you can become better organised with all your letting information in one place.

    This innovative mobile application really does help private landlords keep track of a property portfolio on the go. The app is fully designed for iphone and ipad and is a fast and efficient way for a landlord to store and retrieve details on the letting status of a property.

    Pocket Landlord incorporates a whole range of letting agency tools at your fingertips. This includes day to day tenancy & rent management, financial reporting, notifications of essential maintenance and overdue rent. With Pocket Landlord you are getting much more functionality than a spreadsheet could ever offer. You are getting a mobile property letting system in your pocket.

  • Product Features

    We think that Pocket Landlord can make a dramatic difference to managing residential property rentals.

  • Better Organised

    Move away from time consuming spreadsheets and lots of paper and join the growing band of landlords whip want a cost effective way of managing their portfolio using latest mobile technologies


  •  More time

    If managing a property portfolio is not your day job then anything that can help free up time has go to be a good thing. Pocket Landlord helps to reduce the time spent on admin and brings everything together for you in one place

  • Gentle Reminders

    Software that can drive your business means that you can effortlessly keep on top of all those essential management issues using the reminders for safety certificates, insurance policies and tenancy deposits


  •  Less Management Cost

    If you like the idea of managing your own portfolio then Pocket Landlord offers software that can be associated with a full letting agency service. You can substantially reduce management costs and increase efficiency using the app


  • Financial Performance

    By recording all property expenses and income you can see very quickly the financial performance of a property. The reporting within the app helps you to track rental payments and monitor any late payments

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