Pocket Surveyor

  • inspectorThe mobile solution for stock condition surveys

    Gone are the days where surveyors should be walking around with pen, paper and clipboards. In a business world that craves information to be managed and packaged for immediate use, stock condition survey data is no exception. For a property owner accurate information on a property and its individual attributes is essential for business and investment planning.

    The Pocket Surveyor stock condition app is available on a smart phone or tablet with the surveyor able to work online but with full offline capabilities when recording data. The predesigned form guides a surveyor through each part of a property, capturing new or updating existing information that will potentially influence further investment decisions.

    Pocket Surveyor is part of the Bamboo range of housing management software. Information and data flows are streamlined making it easier for the business to make the correct property investment decisions to meet expectations and business requirements.

  • Product Features

    It’s all about making it easy for surveyors to inspect a property as quickly as possible, with speedy data entry and easy transfer back to other property and customer systems. Better data capturing at this stage really does help to inform investment decisions and ensure statutory compliance where required.

  •  Condition Rating

    Each attribute can be rated for its level of compliance with a decent home standard. When an attribute is marked as ‘unsatisfactory’ or ‘potentially unsatisfactory’ the information gathered during the survey is automatically fed back to the capital works programming for replacement approvals. This provides a joined approach to planning replacements and component accounting with better informed decision making.

  •  Capital Works

    The benefit of using an integrated system that utilises the same data for various functions ensures that there is one version of information flowing throughout the business. The level of integration between the stock condition survey and the capital works programme is achieved effortlessly with attribute condition ratings and changes to replacement dates all being linked back to planned works and associated approvals.


  •  Survey Record

    Keeping a record of the stock condition survey provides that snapshot in time as well as the dynamic real time data updates on the property record. The app creates a record of the survey as soon as it is completed which incorporates the data changes and photographs that have been taken during the survey. A copy of the survey is stored on the property record journal in pdf format.

  •  Integration

    Pocket Surveyor links with CRM and property systems to provide an easy flow of information between back office and mobile data environments. The app is used to create appointments which draws down the customer data along with essential contact information. This is combined with all the property attribute data that the surveyor needs to carry out their inspection. The integration brings back information to the back office in real time or on a manual refresh if working offline.
  •  Improved Communications

    With a mobile device that is pushing and pulling information from the main housing management system you can significantly improve decision and communications within the business. With paper being removed from the process you are also able to increase the integrity of data whilst driving environmental efficiencies. With investment decisions being based on system driven data rather than paper based reports

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