Reisgo : Housing Association Risk Management

  • Reimagining corporate risk management

    REISGO is the latest cloud software from Reidmark in collaboration with Broadland Housing Group, that offers a transparent and scalable solution to risk management. REISGO puts risk and compliance management at your fingertips, eliminating the need for spreadsheets, Word documents and diary reminders.

    REISGO is a solution that simplifies through the recording and delivery of timely information to ensure a structured approach to risk management and a central view across the entire business.

  • Join the BETA Scheme

    The beta version is being offered on a pilot scheme basis, where for 4 months a Housing Association can use the web app on a zero licence fee. After which the application can then be used on a monthly licence fee model. Use the contact form to register your interest now.

  • Goodbye to Spreadsheets

    Any risk management process involves the identification, assessment and tracking of risks, which organisations can over complicate with homegrown risk registers and assessments often on spreadsheets. This makes the management, tracking and delivery of risk actions extremely challenging and onerous.


  • Configurable

    REISGO allows HAs to identify, assess and manage risks of all types across all directorates, teams and business units within a configurable risk register framework. Once centrally set up the registers, individual risks and actions can be distributed and organised realtime with instantaneous controls and reporting, changing the whole way risk is managed.


  • GDPR Register

    The GDPR has brought a duty to record and report certain types of data breach to the relevant supervisory authority, and in some cases to the individuals affected. Reidmarks risk application incorporates a detailed Data Breach Register to track reported breaches within a privacy network.


  • Product Features

    • Risks, linking to business strategy and objectives
    • A comprehensive control framework
    • User specific realtime dashboard
    • Meeting scheduler
    • Promotes speedy responses to actions & tasks
    • Allows Boards/Committees to analyse each risk
    • A central Data Breach Register


  • Governance

    Ranging from strategic and operational registers, governance compliance to GDPR breaches, Reidmarks solution is an effective way for the entire business, from Boards to staff, to all operate within a centrally controlled single version of the truth.

  • Meeting Scheduler

    REISGO includes a meeting scheduler which incorporates document management and agenda setting. Perfect for Board Meetings and Panels the meeting scheduler means you can operate within the one software application for your governance.

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