Repair Scheduler

  • repairThe online and mobile maintenance scheduling tool

    Property repairs and maintenance programmes are one of the biggest operational challenges for a housing association. A commitment to delivering affordable and decent homes, whilst tackling fuel poverty, demands exceptional efficiency to maximise returns.

    The Repair Scheduler operates in a real time environment to join up customer, property attribute and stock condition data. This powerful and intelligent scheduling tool is used for all types of programmes including reactive, planned maintenance, gas servicing and voids.

    Repair Scheduler and Fault Locator are part of the Bamboo range of housing management software. Information and data flows are streamlined making it easy for the business to offer customers a quality repairs and maintenance service with the right operatives in the right place to meet expectations.

  • Product Features

    Running a repairs and maintenance service is much simpler with the Repair Scheduler. The optimum repairs and maintenance job schedule is created to provide a flexible, customer driven repairs service.

  •  A Complete Solution

    One of the benefits of an ERP solution is its effectiveness in joining up information flows. As an integrated component of Bamboo, the Repair Scheduler shows the ERP at its best with relevant information from the CRM, asset management and employee modules all being used to create the optimum repairs & maintenance schedule. With data flowing effortlessly between the desktop and mobile applications you are able to maximise resources, drive down costs and keep customer satisfaction intact.

  •  Logging a Repair

    Details of property faults are recorded using Fault Locator which has embedded functionality within the CRM and property records. As part of the digital by default initiative customers can also report problems via Tenants Online. The intelligent scheduling functionality takes information on faults, planned programmes, operative skills and property location to drive the efficient placement of resources.


  •  Appointment Scheduling

    All repairs and maintenance schedules are dynamically fed into the intelligent scheduling to create the optimum job schedule. When a reactive repair is logged, the nature of the problem and the level of response are automatically assessed to arrive at an allocation to an appropriate operative. At a click of a mouse a comprehensive job sheet is generated to the operative via their Pocket Maintenance app for progression.

  •  Time Sheet Recording

    Keeping track of time spent fulfilling repairs and maintenance is an essential part of measuring the effectiveness of the fulfilment team. The Pocket Maintenance app keeps a track of the time an operative or contractor spends from the moment they enter the tenants home through to the completion of the job sheet.
  •  Purchase Ordering

    With Repair Scheduler there are automatic links with Purchase Ordering. As soon as a maintenance item is allocated to a contractor the PO is created and included within the financial system. The PO rules for procurement are applied to ensure that financial regs are complied with. The integration is taken a stage further with job sheet management, quality checks and payments to suppliers.

  •  Performance Data

    Repair Scheduler benefits from the inherent principles of joined up, straightforward and effective data sharing. The principle of a ‘single version of the truth’ can be seen with key data areas being accessible in real time. This makes it easy to view defined performance measures that are used to evaluate the productivity and the effectiveness of the repairs and maintenance team.

  •  Contractor Management

    Repair Scheduler works for contractors too. It is possible to control which faults can be assigned to contractors via the dynamics within the intelligent scheduling. This may be a specialist trade or extra resource to support the internal repairs team. The contractor receives electronically via email the basic job sheet with a link to a dedicated contractors portal so they can access further information on the customers, asbestos and other associated risks.

  •  Gas Servicing

    Repair Scheduler incorporates Landlord Gas Safety inspections. Automatic service reminders from the property record are linked to the scheduling planner for timely appointments in line with certificate expiry dates. The scheduled appointment will arrive on the operatives Pocket Maintenance app so they can complete the on or offline inspection form whilst at the property. The Safety Certificate is dynamically created following completion of the appointment.

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