Tenants Online

  • tenantThe online self service channel for tenants

    In a new business world that includes digital by default and services on demand, Tenants Online offers a housing association with a quick and effective way to encourage tenants to do more online. It’s all about making that channel shift easy and relevant to a customer.

    Available as a desktop and smart phone application a tenant can access a range of self service tools, including paying rent, reporting property faults or just keeping in touch with news and events. Your digital services will be so good people will prefer to use them.

    Tenants online is part of the Bamboo range of housing management software. Information and data flows are streamlined making it easy for the business to offer quality online services and for the tenant to feel in control of when and how they want to access their landlord.

  • Product Features

    Its all about making it easy for tenants to access landlord services online and to keep their personal information up to date. It is an essential part of a business model that will ultimately drive down costs, help to build a better understanding of tenant profiles and deliver an insight into their behaviours.

  •  Big Data

    Developing a better understanding of your tenants is key to running a successful housing association. The Tenants Online portal is a great way to engage with a tenant to assist with keeping essential personal data up to date. This profile data can really make a difference when analysing customer behaviour and determining what services are best suited.


  •  Channel Shift

    Making sure that business information and services are available when and how a tenant wants them determines the success a customer strategy. Online service delivery is a well established way of doing business and this is a growing environment for tenants who want a place where they can find instant answers, complete transactions and communicate with their landlord is a good way of achieving tenant satisfaction and saving money.


  •  Digital Inclusion

    The take up of online services has increased dramatically but barriers do exist for those that are more digitally challenged. The Tenants Online portal can really help by encouraging tenants to develop their digital skills and become more comfortable with online transactions. The benefits for the housing association and tenant alike are huge with costs for tenancy support being substantially less online and tenants better equipped for the digital world


  •  Customer Service Transformation

    The costs of managing a tenancy online are considerably less then more traditional telephone or postal approaches. Individual transactions costs are driven down through self service features for reporting property issues and paying rent. It makes it easy for tenants who would like a different type of relationship with their landlord. One where ease of access to information and simple straightforward communication about living in their home can happen in an online environment.
  •  Support Services

    As well as offering the usual tenancy management services, Tenants Online is a great way to broaden online interaction with tenants in need of learning and employment support services. With a range of bolt on options including a comprehensive knowledge bank, advice directory, personal development plans and access to online consultations, Tenants Online can provide a real alternative to sitting in the office of a housing association!

  •  Back Office

    With Tenants Online you can be up and running within a few days. The real time environment and data share brings a high level of efficiency to your customer services. The additional dynamics through plugging it into Bamboo are huge. With information being shared so efficiently between customer services, repair teams, frontline staff, from within the office or out in tenant homes.


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